Inspiring Math Storybooks for Young Children


It’s nice to have a few fun math picture books thrown in with your usual bedtime reading to help get kids thinking about math as part of their everyday world along with stories of pirates, animals or whatever happens to interest your kids. Here are a few books that my children and I have enjoyed…

How to Play Guitar for Kids


If you have been thinking about teaching your child to play guitar yourself and aren’t quite sure where to start this is the post for you. There are some great resources around that can help you teach your children to play without having to shell out for costly music lessons. Here are some of the…

Teach Your Child Ukulele – The Parents Guide


The small size of the ukulele makes it the perfect first instrument for most children. In recent years ukes have gained popularity, particularly in schools, as a great instrument to help develop kid’s musical abilities. They aren’t very hard to learn, are relatively inexpensive and are super FUN!  So here’s our little guide for getting…

Teach Your Kids to Play Piano at Home

toddler piano 2

We all know that piano lessons can often be very expensive, so we thought why not try to find out what resources are available to parents who would like to teach their own children how to play at home. Thanks to the internet and technology in general, there is actually a fantastic amount of tools…

2015 Christmas Gift Ideas for a Boy or Girl Age 8, 9 and 10


Kids who are between ages eight to ten years old are fun to buy for since you can get them some of the more interesting and advanced toys. There are a whole lot of very appealing toys, crafts, instruments, board games and books that will help them learn and make discoveries while having lots of…

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Boy or Girl Age 11 to 12


When shopping for a gift for an 11 or 12 year old, things start to get a bit tricky. Kids this age are saying goodbye to their childhood and hello to their teen years. For the most part they aren’t interested in ‘toys’ anymore, but there are some exceptions and we have found them for…

2015 Holiday Gift Ideas for a Boy or Girl Age 5 to 7


Buying a gift for a child who falls into the 5 to 7 range is generally not too hard. Kids of this age have definite interests and opinions on what they like and don’t like. This is also the age that they are most interested in toys. The biggest problem when shopping for this age…

2015 Gift Ideas for a Boy or Girl Age 2 to 4


Preschoolers are so much fun to shop for. Since they aren’t super picky, you can’t really go wrong with almost anything that you choose. Here are our top picks for all the best toy and gift ideas for 2, 3 and 4 year old children. Artistic/Creative At this age it is very easy to get…

Teach your Children Russian

Russian Lessons for kids

What resources are out there that can help parents at home with Russian language learning for kids. We ended up finding some great material that will be super helpful for anyone who is trying to help a child learn to speak Russian.