Hola! Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world?  So for anyone who is looking for Spanish resources for kids, we have put together a small list of the very best DVDs, CD/MP3, websites, and books that we could find that parents can use to help kids learn Spanish at home.



Your best bet if you are looking for a DVD to help you teach your kids Spanish is the Whistlefritz series Spanish for Kids: The Complete Collection.

This series has won 48 awards (48!) and the reviews really are over the top good. It was even one of Dr. Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products for 2012. The reason this DVD series is so good is it covers all kinds of thing such as different rooms of the house, parts of the body, animals, seasons. Each DVD is less than 30 min, and all the songs from the DVDs are also on a CDs which you can use to help reinforce what your child is learning. It’s great fun and educational DVD.

Helpful CDs/MP3s

 There are lots of CDs out there to help teach kids Spanish but since we are going to recommend only one our favourtie has got to be En Mi Casa from En Mi Casa. The reason this cd is our favorite is because the songs are fun and catchy and our kids love it. The music is great with catchy lyrics that make it a fun language lesson. En Mi Casa includes all the lyrics which are easy to follow because the singing is clear and slow enough to follow along with.  So there you have it.

Popular Books



A great book to teach your kids Spanish is I Can Read and Speak in Spanish (Book + Audio CD). It is for a complete beginner and is very basic. Also it includes an audio CD which is very important when just starting out with a language. The book goes over 60 words that are used in simple illustrated stories. Learning activities at the end of each story encourage kids to re-create the sentences and create new sentences of their own, using specially designed flash-card symbols. Each book includes a storybook illustrated with photograph, storybook narration (on CD) for proper pronunciation, flash cards and stickers and tips for parents on how to adapt the material to their child’s learning style.

Free Websites

SpanishTown is a free site that has good Spanish language learning materials for all levels and all ages.

DuoLingo is a fun free site that is great for school aged kids. It has gamified language learning and is 100% free.

Discovery Kids Spanish has lots of fun videos in Spanish for kids.

123 Teach Me has a well organised site that is perfect for helping kids learn Spanish. It has vocabulary, games, quizzes, numbers, flashcards and lots more.

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