Wednesday, January 16, 2019

15 Great Ways to Get Kids into Yoga

Yoga is wonderful practice for kids to get into. Some of the reported benefits to kids doing yoga include reducing stress, helping kids' focus, concentration and memory, and improvement in appetites, sleep and overall well-being. With a little help from a DVD, online video, app, book or some nifty yoga cards you can help your kids practise yoga at home.

Simple Lessons That Can Help Your Kids Learn to Swim

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Teaching Golf to Kids – The Parent’s Guide

What parents need to know to teach their children how to golf. Golf tips, equipment, etiquette, rules and basic skill for kids with instructional videos are covered.

Easy Ways to Help Kids Learn to Snowboard

If you know how to snowboard and would like to teach your own kids, or would like to practice with your kids after a lesson, we have some great tips and...

Teach Your Kids to Ice Skate

If you are looking for a fun, budget friendly winter sport to do with your children, why not try ice skating? If you know how to skate yourself then there is no...

12 Easy Ways to Introduce Ballet to Children

Dancing is a really good activity for both girls and boys, and there are lots of easy ways to teach them about ballet at home. We have found some wonderful DVDs, books, music and games that can help kids learn everything they need to know about ballet.

Tennis Basics for Children – The Parents Guide

Tennis can be a kind of a hard game for a small child to learn. But it is awfully fun and worth spending a bit of time trying to teach your...