Saturday, May 21, 2016
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Feminism for Children

For my much of my daughter's life it has never occurred to her that she isn't able to do things that boys can do,...

Tennis Basics for Children – The Parents Guide

Tennis can be a kind of a hard game for a small child to learn. But it is awfully fun and worth spending a...

Greek Mythology – The Wild and Wonderful World of the Greeks...

Kid appropriate books, websites, and shows that can help them learn about Greek Mythology

Teaching Golf to Kids – The Parent’s Guide

What parents need to know to teach their children how to golf. Golf tips, equipment, etiquette, rules and basic skill for kids with instructional videos are covered.

Teach Your Kids World Geography – The Parents Guide

Some of the best reviewed geography websites, books, online videos, free games and apps that will help children learn about the world.

Cleaning Up and Chores With Kids

Why it is important to teach your children to do chores and some basic tips on how to get them started.

Theatre Acting for Kids – The Parents Guide

Learning how to act for the stage can be very beneficial for kids. Theatre teaches children skills like public speaking, teamwork, and self-discipline (just to name a few), that can have a major impact on how successful they are as adults. It is also super fun and kids love it.

Getting Children Interested in Gardening

Our gardening guide for parents and kids featuring everything you need to get started, including gardening kits, tools and some handy gardening books for kids.

Teach Your Kids to Read Music – The Parents Guide

Teaching your child to read music might seem like a daunting undertaking to some parents, especially those who aren't able to read music themselves....

Tips on Teaching Kids Harmonica

It's a little surprising that harmonicas aren't more popular with kids, especially since they are sort of the perfect beginner instrument. They are cheap,...