Saturday, May 21, 2016
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Teach Your Kids Vietnamese – The Parents Guide

Great books, apps, language learning systems and some free games that will help your kids learn a bit of Vietnamese in a fun and stress-free way.

How to Get Children Interested in Poetry

Since it is ones of those things that kids generally love, we thought we'd look into some fun ways to include poetry in your daily life and hopefully help get kids excited about learning.

12 Easy Ways to Introduce Ballet to Children

Dancing is a really good activity for both girls and boys, and there are lots of easy ways to teach them about ballet at home. We have found some wonderful DVDs, books, music and games that can help kids learn everything they need to know about ballet.

Everything Parents Need to Know to Teach Suzuki Method at Home

If you are a parent who would like your child to learn the Suzuki method and are wondering if it is possible to teach...

Easy Ways to Help Kids Learn to Snowboard

If you know how to snowboard and would like to teach your own kids, or would like to practice with your kids after a...

Teaching Kids The Basics Of Hockey – Even If You’re Not...

Whether your kid just plans to play hockey at the local rink with friends, or they want to get into the league system eventually, they need to know the basics. The good news is that you don't need to be a hockey expert to get your kid started. The amount of videos out there (and other resources) is astounding, and you can get up to speed in no time.

Fun Ways to Teach Kids Programming

Listing of some of the top websites, books and apps to help kids (ages 10+) to help kids learn programming fundamentals.

Teach Your Kids to Ice Skate

If you are looking for a fun, budget friendly winter sport to do with your children, why not try ice skating? If you know how...

Teach Your Child Brazilian Portuguese – The Parents Guide

Brazilian Portuguese is a great language for kids to learn. Since Brazil is Latin America’s largest economy and it is the 5th largest country...

Tips on How to Teach Kids European Portuguese

If you are a parent who is looking for resources to help teach your kids Portuguese you may have run into the problem of ...