Tuesday, May 24, 2016
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Teach Your Kids Good Manners – The Parents Guide

How do you teach kids to have good manners? We find the books, apps, videos and cards that will help you teach your kids the manners they need to know.

Teach Your Child Critical Thinking Skills

Easy things you can do to help your kids develop their critical thinking skills

Teach Your Children to be Resilient – The Parents Guide

Resilience in kids- why it is important to help develop it and also how to develop it.

How to Make Your Child a Better Speller

Different ways to help develop spelling skills in kids

Teach Your Kids Mandarin Chinese

There are A LOT of fun and educational resources to help your kids learn to speak Mandarin Chinese - even if you don't happen to know your Ni hao from your Zai jian.

15 Great Ways to Get Kids into Yoga

Yoga is wonderful practice for kids to get into. Some of the reported benefits to kids doing yoga include reducing stress, helping kids' focus, concentration and memory, and improvement in appetites, sleep and overall well-being. With a little help from a DVD, online video, app, book or some nifty yoga cards you can help your kids practise yoga at home.

How to Help your Kids with Math (Grade 4-6)

It's obviously important to have good math skills these days, so we have come up with a handy list of some of the best math curriculum websites, apps, video games and software to help you help your child learn to love math (well maybe) and improve their math grades.

How to Help your Kids with Math (Pre-K to Grade 3)

How can parents help their children with math at home? There are lots of different approaches you can take to help your kids develop their math skills. You can use software packages, apps, workbooks, books, videogames and websites just to name a few things.

Soccer Basics Young Kids Need to Know

If you have a ball and some general knowledge about soccer you are all set to teach your little one how to get started...

Help Your Kids Improve their Drawing Skills

People often assume that a person is either born with the ability to draw or they aren’t.  Some people strongly believe that you shouldn’t...